Apologetics 101 Workshop: Download Free Resources

Apologetics 101 is geared for lay people who want to be better equipped to defend the Christian faith. It features five sessions:

Session 1: The problem with ChristianityChristianity holds to absolute truths in a world that is increasingly relativistic.
Session 2: The authority for ChristianityChristians claim the Bible is the inerrant Word of God. But what does that mean, and how can we know the Bible is true?
Session 3: The Christ of ChristianityVirtually every major world religion has an exalted place for Jesus. But which Jesus is the real One?
Session 4: The wolves of ChristianityJesus and the apostles warned us that ravenous wolves would scatter the flock. But how can we see through the sheep’s clothing that so many false prophets wear?
Session 5: The defense of ChristianityChristianity is under increasing attack from atheists, leaders of other religions, and even lukewarm professors of the Christian faith. What are some simple tactics we can use to effectively engage critics in conversation?


Download a free copy of the study notes:  Apologetics Book July’10.

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  1. Beth O'Neill

    Hey, Rob! Thank you SO much for a great workshop this weekend! We learned so much, but if there’s anything I truly took away, it’s that I have much more to learn! Conscious ignorance is so irritating. LOL!

    I hope everyone takes advantage of the material here. I will definitely be looking into some of the books you recommended, and your website will be a reference for me as well. Thanks, again, and I’ll be on the look-out for future classes, to which I’ll be dragging friends, as well. :o)