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November – (1) Introducing The Last Apologist; (2) What Christians can learn from the cults; (3) Why the world is broken; (4) Jude, a slave of Jesus Christ; (5) Welcome Tim Carter to the Mo. Baptist Apologetics Network

October – (1) Stephen Hawking’s grand design; (2) If anyone adds … or takes away; (3) How to make a universe; (4) “Think as a debater” apologetics workshop; (5) The Searcher’s Guide to the Apocalypse

September – (1) The afterlife: what everyone should know; (2) Who are you to judge? (3) I, Jesus, have sent My angel; (4) “Think as a debater” apologetics workshop; (5) Is the Bible literally true? (6) The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!”

August – (1) Can apostates be Christians? (2) I am the Alpha and the Omega; (3) “Think as a debater” apologetics workshop; (4) The prophecy of Enoch; (5) Outside are the dogs

July – (1) When angels desert; (2) “Witnesses Now for Jesus” Conference; (3) My reward is with Me; (4) Scenes of the Kingdom; (5) Who is Michael the Archangel? (6) “Think as a debater” apologetics workshop

June – (1) Who are those guys? (2) Missouri Baptist apologists now on Facebook; (3) What does it mean to contend for the faith? (4) Don’t do that! – Revelation 22:8-9; (5) Learn about Mormon beliefs; (6) Don’t seal the prophetic words!

May – (1) Are some beliefs non-negotiable? (2) Welcome new network apologists; (3) Are Jude and Peter plagiarists? (4) The Source of life; (5) “T.A.G. You’re It!” now on iTunes; (6) The time is near

April – (1) Passing the point of no return; (2) Welcome new network apologists; (3) Jude: A slave of Jesus Christ; (4) Every kind of precious stone; (5) I did not see a sanctuary

March – (1) The humanity of Jesus; (2) Mo. Baptist apologist to debate atheists; (3) The number 12 in Revelation; (4) Just released: The Last Apologist

February – (1) Just released: The Last Apologist; (2) Is baptism for the dead biblical? (3) Fake news and false prophets; (4) The victor will inherit these things; (5) Gifted Christian apologists in Missouri

January – (1) Coming soon: The Last Apologist; (2) Did Jesus descend into hell? (part 1); (3) Did Jesus descend into hell? (part 2); (4) God’s dwelling is with humanity; (5) Making everything new


December – (1) Should you believe in ghosts? (2) The sea no longer existed; (3) Watch debate featuring Eugene Curry; (4) The Holy City, New Jerusalem; (5) What’s become of the Christmas story?

November – (1) Is heaven our final home (part 1)?; (2) Is heaven our final home (part 2)?; (3) Midwestern to host debate Nov. 8; (4) Anyone not found written in the book …; (5) A new heaven and a new earth

October – (1) Does the Bible teach purgatory? (2) Heaven can’t wait; (3) Death and Hades gave up their dead; (4) The second death; (5) Apologetics conference in Buffalo Oct 7-9

September – (1) Gehenna and the afterlife; (2) The book of life; (3) A look at Tartarus; (4) Watch the trailer: The Apologist’s Tool Kit; (5) Check out our network apologists

August – (1) Sheol and the afterlife; (2) A great white throne; (3) Hades and the afterlife; (4) Host an apologetics event this fall

July – (1) Has the gospel been corrupted? (2) The lake of fire; (3) 10 biblical truths about the afterlife; (4) Help college students stand for the truth; (5) Host an apologetics event this fall

June – (1) What does sexual orientation really mean? (2) Do we need the originals of Scripture? (3) Biblical truth and LDS deity; (4) Host an apologetics event at your church

May – (1) The infallibility of Scripture; (2) The sufficiency of Scripture; (3) Pray for the MBC Network apologists; (4) The Apologist’s Tool Kit: Write your review.

April – (1) The inspiration of Scripture; (2) Apologetics print resources now available at Amazon; (3) Watch debate featuring MBC network apologist Eugene Curry; (4) The inerrancy of Scripture

March(1) Is Allah our God, too? (2) Apologist’s Tool Kit 3rd Edition now available; (3) Non-biblical sources and Jesus; (4) What Islam and Mormonism have in common

February – (1) New Apologist’s Tool Kit arriving this month; (2) What is the New World Translation? (3) Common threads in world religions; (4) Meet our Missouri Baptist apologists

January – (1) Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses? (2) Defending the faith in 2016; (3) What do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe? (4) Hard sayings of the Bible.