What others are saying:

Yeats, John (web)“Not in my lifetime has there been a greater need for someone to carefully, succinctly and accurately articulate the biblical worldview. The Lord has raised up such a voice in Rob Phillips. His writing and teaching, coupled with his compassionate demeanor, address the significant issues of the day with a sense of principled accuracy substantiated by the Word of God. His teaching is engaging, encouraging and plows beneath the surface of superficial responses to the questions people are asking about life and about what God has to say. I regularly encourage churches and church leaders to consider inviting Rob to equip them with apologetic principles based on the truths of God’s word.”

Dr. John L. Yeats, Executive Director for the Missouri Baptist Convention and Recording Secretary of the Southern Baptist Convention, writer, speaker, public policy consultant 


“Rob was the ‘go to’ guy at Brentwood Baptist Church for those who are discussing their faith with unbelieving friends. He not only helped by providing answers to questions; he shared a love for the Scriptures and for people that is contagious. I am confident he will ‘infect’ the searchers you know with the same loves.”

Mike Glenn, senior pastor, Brentwood (Tenn.) Baptist Church




“Rob has the knowledge and communication skills to equip others with answers to the questions seekers of truth are asking. I recommend him highly as a solution for churches desiring to equip their members and Southern Baptist associations desiring to equip their pastors.”

Mike Licona, associate professor in theology at Houston Baptist University, president of Risen Jesus, Inc., and author of several books including Paul Meets Muhammad and The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus, which received Christianity Today’s 2005  “Award of Merit.”



“Rob led a seminar titled “Earnestly Contenting for the Faith” for our church’s men’s retreat. He was a warm, engaging and very interesting speaker who clearly knows the Bible and how to communicate biblical truth in a straightforward yet gracious way.  Rob also made it a point to get to know a number of the men personally, and he fit in very well with our group.  I heard many positive comments about his presentation from the men who attended and highly recommend Rob for speaking engagements.”

Don Beehler, Christ Fellowship Church, Franklin, Tenn.


“During the last several years, I have been privileged to attend Sunday school classes taught by Rob at Brentwood Baptist Church. I also enjoyed and learned a great deal from a Wednesday evening class he taught on World Religions. Rob’s knowledge of the Bible has been wonderfully displayed and proven, through his class-room teachings and the often comprehensive follow-up questions from the classroom of other mature Christian adults. Even though Rob was able to dissect world religions and make specific comparisons to Christianity, he always emphasized the importance of seeing all people as God’s creation, regardless of any particular belief or following.  No matter how far these other religions drift from Christianity, Rob, consistently reminds us to be ‘Christ-like’ in our interaction and witnessing to all people.”

Jim Patton, founding partner, KPAC Solutions, Inc. Brentwood, Tenn.; author of Life in the Turn Lane