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Catch the Kingdom at Walmart

I was grateful this morning to receive word from my good friend Phill Burgess at CrossBooks that Walmart.com is now carrying a select number of CrossBooks titles including The Kingdom According to Jesus: A Study of Jesus’ Parables on the Kingdom of Heaven. The book explores 17 parables of Jesus having to do with the kingdom of heaven and, I believe, is helpful in personal or group Bible study. Earlier this month, The Kingdom won a first-place award from the Baptist Communicators Association.

Check it out at Walmart.com.  The book also is available at CrossBooks, LifeWay Christian Stores, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. If you read the book, be sure to post a review. I’d very much like to hear your critique.

The Kingdom and “Mornings” on FamilyNet


I had the privilege this week to appear on FamilyNet’s “Mornings ” on Sirius Radio to talk about my book, The Kingdom According to Jesus, published by CrossBooks. Many thanks to Lorri Allen and Larry Estepa for having me on the program.

Here’s the audio file, if you’d like to listen in.

“Mornings” — The Kingdom According to Jesus


CrossBooks Releases “The Kingdom According to Jesus”

KingdomMatthew records no fewer than 13 parables of Jesus about the kingdom of heaven. No doubt, the Son of God placed great emphasis on the kingdom, declaring it to be “at hand” and yet coming. Jesus used parables to reveal previously hidden truths about the kingdom, but for many it remains a mystery. When we turn to the Scriptures, we find perplexing and seemingly contradictory teachings about the kingdom, yet it was the primary focus of Christ’s teaching.

What is the kingdom of heaven? Is the kingdom here already, or are we to wait for it? Why did Jesus use parables to describe it? Who’s in the kingdom and who’s not? Why are some cast out of the kingdom? And what can we learn from Jesus’ stories of mustard seeds, pearls and bridesmaids? The Kingdom According to Jesus by Rob Phillips explores these questions in a simple and compelling way that encourages readers to “seek first the kingdom of God” (Matt. 6:33).

Order The Kingdom According to Jesus from CrossBooks