What do you know about the Incarnation?

This is the last in a series of articles on the Incarnation.

Over the last six columns, we have examined the doctrine of the Incarnation. As we complete our study, let’s test what we’ve learned about the person and work of Jesus. Answer the following questions (feel free to refer to previous columns). The correct responses are listed at the end of each question.

  1. What is the Incarnation?

(a) The state of living in a country that’s crazy about automobiles

(b) The eternal Son of God taking on human flesh in the person of Jesus of Nazareth

(c) A floral decoration; a boutonniere

(d) The creation of Jesus as an archangel

Correct answer: (b)

  1. Which of the following are heretical views of the Incarnation (choose all that apply):

(a) Arianism

(b) Cronyism

(c) Botulism

(d) Docetism

Correct answers: (a) and (d)

  1. The union of Jesus’ two distinct natures in one person is often explained by the term:

(a) Immaculate conception

(b) Divine accommodation

(c) Hypostatic union

(d) Supralapsarianism

Correct answer: (c)

  1. True or false: We may describe the incarnate Christ as two “whats” and one “who.” That is, Jesus possesses both divine and human natures (the “whats”) in one person (the “who”).

Correct answer: True

  1. When we say that Jesus retained full deity in the Incarnation, this means (choose all that apply):

(a) He only appeared to be human

(b) His humanity neither mixed with nor diminished His divine nature

(c) He added sinless humanity to His deity

(d) He could turn on and off His humanity at will

Correct answers: (b) and (c)

  1. Why did so many of Jesus’ eyewitnesses acknowledge His humanity but fail to grasp His deity?

(a) They thought the Messiah would be taller

(b) Many of them were looking for a political and military leader, not the divine Son of Man (Daniel 7)

(c) Jesus never claimed to be divine

(d) A person who cries, gets tired, and suffers pain obviously can’t be God

Correct answer: (b)

  1. When the apostle John writes that “the Word became flesh” (John 1:14), he means (choose all that apply):

(a) The eternal Son of God added a real human nature and thus became the God-Man

(b) Jesus traded His deity for temporary humanity

(c) The Bible finally came to life when Jesus was born

(d) The divine presence who manifested Himself in Old Testament times in the burning bush, in the pillar of cloud and fire, and as the Angel of Yahweh, had now come to “tabernacle” with mankind by taking on human flesh

Correct answers: (a) and (d)

  1. Why do Matthew and Luke list different genealogies for Jesus:

(a) They didn’t have Ancestry.com back then

(b) The Jews were notoriously bad record-keepers

(c) One or both of the Gospel writers got it wrong

(d) Matthew was writing to a predominantly Jewish audience and thus followed the line of Joseph (Jesus’ legal father), while Luke had a broader audience in mind, so he followed the line of Mary (Jesus’ blood relative).

Correct answer: (d)

  1. The counterfeit Christian organization today that embraces the ancient heresy of Arianism is:

(a) The Neo-Nazi Party

(b) The Jehovah’s Witnesses

(c) Pastafarianism

(d) The International Order of Odd Fellows

Correct answer: (b)

  1. True or false: When Jesus returns in all His glory, the Incarnation will end.

Correct answer: False

  1. Those who promote the false view that Jesus is a lesser being than God are known as:

(a) Jerks

(b) Minimalists

(c) Ontological subordinationists

(d) Young-earth creationists

Correct answer: (c)

  1. When Jesus declared, “The Father is greater than I” (John 14:28b), He was communicating which of the following truths about the Incarnation:

(a) Jesus set aside His deity to become a man

(b) Jesus diluted His divine nature to make room for His humanity

(c) Jesus struggled to understand His role as the Messiah

(d) Jesus humbled Himself and took on the form of a servant – without compromising His deity

Correct answer: (d)


This concludes our study of the Incarnation. If you missed the series, you can start again.