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Can we trust the New Testament manuscripts?

Fiction writers like Dan Brown (The DaVinci Code) and popular scholars like Bart Ehrman (The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture) have convinced many people the New Testament is unreliable

We are led to believe that Emperor Constantine determined the New Testament canon in the fourth century; that Christian leaders, vying for power, changed the Gospels to suit their personal agendas; and that amateur copyists butchered early New Testament manuscripts.

If these charges are true, the Church today is built on the shifting sands of legend, power, and political expediency.

Fortunately, the case for the reliability of Scripture is stronger today than it has ever been, thanks in part to a 2018 Faithlife film, “Fragments of Truth.” In the film, Craig Evans of Houston Theological Seminary takes us on a global journey through time and texts.
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Is the New Testament Reliable?

Mike Licona, who heads up apologetics for the North American Mission Board, has written a clear and gracious five-part response to agnostic Bible scholar Bart Ehrman and his attacks on the New Testament. The series of articles appeared last week in Baptist Press, and I am providing the links to Licona’s columns below.

Part 1: Bart Ehrman: A skeptical scholar not to be ignored

Part 2: The problem of authorship: Who wrote the Gospels?

Part 3: The problem of dating: When were the Gospels written?

Part 4: The problem of differences: Do the Gospels contradict?

Part 5: Why were the four Gospels selected and not others?