100 Christian Resources Online

Cate Smith, content manager of Christian Counseling Degree, wrote to me the other day with kind words about our Web site. She has been researching  online Christian resources and has compiled a list of 100 top sites. Although we didn’t make the list, we are consoled in knowing that we were edged out by some outstanding resources. I am reprinting her lead paragraph below, along with a link to the full list, with her permission. Cate writes:

“There are a fantastic number of resources out there on the Internet for Christians. The trick, of course, is knowing where to find them, and that’s where this article comes in. Whether you are looking for a way to deepen your Bible studies, organize events within your ministry, find out how to write inspirational prose, or just share your thoughts and prayers with other Christians, there are websites here that will be able to help you in your journey of faith.”

100 Christian Resources Online