The Jiminy Cricket of All Author Signings

Just had mKingdomy first author signing a couple of weeks ago for The Kingdom According to Jesus. I shared the CrossBooks booth at the Southern Baptist Convention with other first-time authors and enjoyed their company. Not so much the deafening silence resulting from a lack of customer traffic. In 45 minutes, I witnessed one guy and his son double team to steal a display copy from the booth (hey, at least they chose my book for the five-finger discount), and one kindly gentleman mercifully stopped by to ask for an autograph and directions to the cash register. So I guess the day was a wash: one sale and one write-off for shrinkage. Wish I had video or a photo of the experience to share with you … but maybe this sound bite will give you a sense of what it’s like to lead the charmed life of a published author.


  1. Jeff (theCRICKETtoy) Anderson

    Great Book. I can’t decide if I’m happy to hear theCRICKETtoy being used or not in this situation. If I didn’t like you, I’d probably love it!


    All part of the experience of growing as an author.

    The ability to laugh and enjoy life is a great skill that you have.

    Sorry you got chirped. Just makes the big signings more enjoyable.