How do I know the Bible is True?

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bibleChristians generally believe in the reliability and authority of Scripture. But some have doubts and others raise serious objections to the Bible’s claim to be the Word of God. This study will address eight of the more common objections, including: “No one really knows what the Bible says because the original manuscripts are lost,” and “The Bible is full of contradictions.”

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  1. rphilli

    Sorry David, I was unable to get an email through to your email address. The free downloads are available on the Web site under the topics indicated, however. Thanks again.

  2. rphilli

    Thanks David. Free downloadable studies for both of these topics are available on the Web site. Just click on the drop-down menu under Topics, select “Bible” or “Kingdom of Heaven” and you’ll find the posts with the free downloads. Just in case you have trouble finding them, I will email the pdfs to you. Thanks again for your very kind comments.

  3. David E. Jones

    Would appreciate copies of this study on how to know the Bible is true and those on the Kingdom for use in BS group situation. Thank you for what you do to help people to understand the scriptures and grow in Christ.