What Every Christian Should Know about Satan

The Missouri Baptist Convention, through its High Street Press imprint, has released a new resource for personal or group study titled What Every Christian Should Know about Satan.

Written by the MBC’s Rob Phillips, the 400-page book explores more than a dozen biblical names and titles that reveal the evil one’s character, tactics, and ultimate destiny in hell. It’s designed for pastors and laypersons who desire a deeper study of Satan’s doomed campaign against God and God’s people.

Curiously, the Hebrew satan means “accuser” and is not a title devoted solely to the evil one. Even the angel of the Lord – the preincarnate Christ – plays the role of satan / accuser on one occasion (Num. 22). However, God’s progressive revelation in Scripture reveals one particular accuser who stands in opposition to his Creator – the diabolos, or devil, of the New Testament.

Numerous biblical names and titles appear, focusing on a single fallen angel who reigns over a host of demonic followers. These names include: dragon, serpent, father of lies, murderer, tempter, deceiver, evil one, Beelzebul, ruler of this world, and destroyer.

Thirteen of the book’s 15 chapters explore these and other names and titles. Chapter 14 examines the evil one’s ultimate destiny: hell, a place Jesus says has been prepared for Satan and his messengers.

The book’s closing chapter surveys the apostle Paul’s teaching on the armor of God (Eph. 6), which enables all believers to stand firm in the face of Satan’s relentless onslaught.

Each chapter concludes with brief summaries, along with questions for personal or group study. This resource features terrifying biblical accounts of Satan’s power, and insights into his devious ways. Yet, Christians have no reason to fear the evil one, for he is a lion on God’s leash and his destiny in the lake of fire is as certain as the sovereign hand of God.

John Mark Yeats, dean of students and student success at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, has written the book’s Foreword.

He writes: “It is my prayer that as you read this volume and study the Scriptures, you come away with a clear understanding of Satan – a biblical view of Satan and his work. One equipped, you will walk with confidence, knowing that the evil one’s end is already decreed because Jesus is King.”

John Yeats, MBC executive director, adds: “I highly recommend this book as a church-wide or small-group study. For us to successfully pursue the Great Commission, we must understand our enemy and know that he is a defeated foe.”

What Every Christian Should Know about Satan  is available in print and Kindle formats at Amazon.com. It’s also available from other booksellers. Bulk orders of the book may be purchased directly from the MBC at deeply discounted prices for shipment in the U.S.

For more information, or to place a bulk order, send an email to cdowell@mobaptist.org.

To learn more about the MBC’s High Street Press, visit highstreet.press.