Just released: The Last Apologist

lastapologist3d_softcover_3-jpgThe Missouri Baptist Convention has just released a new apologetics resource for personal or group study titled The Last Apologist: A Commentary on Jude for Defenders of the Christian Faith.

The 275-page book, written by the MBC’s Rob Phillips, offers a verse-by verse study of the short epistle. It also explores key words and phrases, and poses thought-provoking questions that make the book a handy reference and study guide.

The General Epistle of Jude may be one of the most neglected New Testament books, according to Phillips. Bible readers are tempted — in part by its brevity and in part by its similarity to 2 Peter 2 — to skip over Jude on the way to Revelation, or to give the book little more than a glance.

This is unfortunate, because Jude speaks volumes about the value of Christian apologetics. Whether exhorting believers to contend for the faith, or urging them to keep themselves in the love of God, Jude addresses the importance of sound doctrine and the threat of false teachers. And Jude does so with humility, boldness, and remarkable foresight.

Tough questions

The Last Apologist wrestles with tough questions about the Epistle of Jude, such as:

  • Why is Jude so similar to 2 Peter 2?
  • Who are the false teachers that Jude targets in his call to “contend for the faith”?
  • Why does God save some people only to destroy them later?
  • Who are the angels kept “with eternal chains in darkness”?
  • Why does Jude quote from non-biblical sources?
  • Can apostates be Christians?
  • And how does God keep His own from stumbling into spiritual ruin?

The English term “apologetics” comes from the Greek apologia, meaning “defense.” Christian apologetics is a reasoned defense of the Christian faith.

The Last Apologist will repay careful study by individuals and groups looking for insight into an important book of the Bible,” said Ted Cabal, general editor of The Apologetics Study Bible. “But it will also equip followers of Jesus to better meet the challenges unique to our own day. I heartily recommend The Last Apologist and pray many will passionately apply its wisdom in their churches and communities.”

The Last Apologist is available in print at mobaptist.org/apologetics or by calling 800.736.6227 ext. 303. The MBC offers churches deeply discounted prices on bulk orders; for more information send an email to cdowell@mobaptist.org.

Amazon offers print and Kindle versions as well.