What every Christian should know about Islam


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What Every Christian Should Know About Islam offers an overview of the religion Muhammad founded 1,400 years ago and answers key questions about Islam from a biblical perspective.

Designed for individual or group study, this new 72-page paperback book features brief chapters on such topics as:

Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

Who are Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims?

The ultimate role model: Jesus or Muhammad?

Why are there two Qur’ans?

The real tragedy of jihad; and

Sharing your faith with Muslims

A biblical perspective

The world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are precious people for whom Christ died. We should love our Muslim friends and seek their salvation. At the same time, we should understand that Islam is a false religion that enslaves people and strives for world domination.

There are several good starting points in conversations with Muslims. For example, Muslims believe in one God, respect many Old Testament prophets, accept some portions of the Bible, and have a high regard for Jesus.

However, they deny the Trinity, believe the Bible has been corrupted, and consider the Christian claim that Jesus is the Son of God to be shirk, or the unpardonable sin.

That’s the reason for this short book — to help Christians learn the essentials of the Muslim faith from a biblical perspective, and having learned them, to engage their Muslim friends in spiritual conversations focused on the One who desires that all come to repentance.

Order your copy now:

Paperback – $10 (includes shipping in U.S.)

Kindle edition from Amazon.com – $2.99