Speaking engagements and workshops


To schedule a sermon, workshop or teaching series for your church, contact Rob Phillips at rob.phillips@oncedelivered.net.



7 – ConnectionPoint Church, Raytown, Mo. – What is the Cooperative Program?

8 – Hillcrest Baptist Church, Lebanon, Mo. – Laclede Baptist Association Learning Lab

10 – Southwest Baptist University Chapel Services, How Do I Know the Bible is True?

14 – First Baptist Church, Lewistown, Mo.

26-27 – Hawthorne Suites, Sacramento, Calif., Witnesses Now for Jesus Conference West Coast


22-23 – Not available


26-28 – Sonrise Baptist Church, Bonne Terre, Mo., Witnesses Now for Jesus Conference Midwest


29 – Franklin Baptist Association (Mo.), Annual Meeting Address


5-6 – First Baptist Church, Centralia, Mo., What Every Christian Should Know About Salvation



  1. J. Scott Phillips

    Rob is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to dissecting Biblical truths and “testing the spirits to see if they’re of God.” I’ve worked in a secular environment for most of my life, and have had my faith challenged many times with secular world views. It is comforting to know that when the real tough questions are thrown at me, I can just make a phone call to Rob and he’ll get me the answers…often right off the top of his head. I am so proud to claim him as my brother in Christ AND my biological brother as well. Thanks Rob. See you at our sibling trip in September.