KingdomThe Kingdom According to Jesus: A Study of Jesus’ Parables on the Kingdom of Heaven

By Rob Phillips

Matthew records no fewer than 13 parables of Jesus about the kingdom of heaven. No doubt, the Son of God placed great emphasis on the kingdom, declaring it to be “at hand” and yet coming. Jesus used parables to reveal previously hidden truths about the kingdom, but for many it remains a mystery. When we turn to the Scriptures, we find perplexing and seemingly contradictory teachings about the kingdom, yet it was the primary focus of Christ’s teaching.

What is the kingdom of heaven? Is the kingdom here already, or are we to wait for it? Why did Jesus use parables to describe it? Who’s in the kingdom and who’s not? Why are some cast out of the kingdom? And what can we learn from Jesus’ stories of mustard seeds, pearls and bridesmaids? The Kingdom According to Jesus explores these questions in a simple and compelling  way that encourages readers to “seek first the kingdom of God” (Matt. 6:33).

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apologists_ebook_iconThe Apologist’s Tool Kit (Revised and Expanded in 2014)

By Rob Phillips

The Apologist’s Tool Kit equips you to defend the Christian faith “with gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:16). The articles in this revised and expanded 81-page booklet address some of the most commonly challenged Christian doctrines today, from the existence of God to the authority of scripture. In addition, they offer a biblical basis for identifying and dealing with false prophets, and they provide an overview of several religions, cults, or sects that lay claim to scripture but deny its core teachings. This revised and expanded edition includes an article on the Word-Faith movement, along with recommended apologetics resources and a quiz to check your AQ — Apologetics Quotient.

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Isaiah: Download the complete (and free) commentary

By Rob Phillips

Isaiah was “the greatest of the writing prophets,” according to the New Scofield Study Bible. “No other prophet has written with such majestic eloquence about the glory of God…. Of all the O.T. prophets, Isaiah is the most comprehensive in range. No prophet is more fully occupied with the redemptive work of Christ. In no other place, in the Scriptures written under the law, is there so clear a view of grace” (p. 924).

Isaiah’s messages hearken back to the eternal counsels of God and the creation of the universe (see 42:5) and gaze forward to God’s creation of new heavens and a new earth (65:17; 66:22). While there are many important prophecies concerning Jerusalem, Israel and Judah, Isaiah’s predictions encompass all the nations of the earth (see 2:4; 5:26; 14:6, 26; 40:15, 17, 22; 66:18).

His writings have a strong Messianic focus. Isaiah foretells the Messiah’s birth (7:14; 9:6); His deity (9:6-7); His ministry (9:1-2; 42:1-7; 61:1-2); His death (52:1 – 53:12); and His future reign on earth (chaps 2; 11; 65).

The attached commentary on the Book of Isaiah is free and downloadable in pdf format. For accompanying work sheets and podcasts, click here. Please feel free to share these documents and links with others and use them any way you like as long as you do not charge for their use or alter their contents.

Isaiah Introduction and Chapters 1-35

Isaiah 36-66